CSR Approach


CSR Approach

CSR Approach

We operate in a demanding regulatory environment (labour code and environment code).

Our QMS (Quality Management System) is certified ISO 9001 version 2015 allowing us to provide a high level of performance.


We invest more than 500 000 € / year for the protection of our employees and of environment, in particular by setting up :


Twice a year blood tests for employees

Control of the limit value for professional exposure

Voluntary and mandatory health and safety committees


Installation classified for the protection of the environment under authorization


Exhaust air : measuring on channelled diffused emissions and atmospheric fallout

Quality follow up of ground and storm waters

Monitoring of lead levels in the ground

Owen’s gauge : installation of an air emissions filtration system, sealing the site, retention basin of extinguishing water at Le Loroux-Bottereau production site.

The CSR (Corporate Societal Responsibility) represents the commitments made by the company, beyond the regulations, to take into account the stakeholders and their environment.

By stakeholders we mean those who have a relationship with the company :

  • Our employees
  • Our customers
  • Our investors and shareholders
  • Our suppliers
  • Our officials, including labor and environmental law

By their environment, we mean everything that will ensure the sustainability and continuity of the stakeholders.

As a practical example, for employees we provide a meal ticket service, up to 5,50 € per ticket, and also vacation vouchers up to 420 € per year.

For DEJOIE, we compensate one shower per day even though it is not compulsory.

Your Social and Economic Council plays a leading role in these progress !

Another example, if our foundries provide you with work but deteriorate the environment through pollution, we do not respect our commitments to preserve the biological and climatic environment.

This is the case for the carbon footprint : carbon dioxide gas (CO²) is a greenhouse gas that directly impacts climate change. The law will impose a zero discharge balance sheet in 2050.

Today for LEMER, thanks to recycled lead, we emit only 1 kg of CO² for 1 kg of lead sold. If we used lead directly from the mine, this balance would be of 4 kg of CO² for 1 kg of lead.

In addition to being in circular economy (infinitely recyclable), the lead parts that we manufacture require little energy, our supplies are in Europe (mainly in France) and we mainly sell in Europe (few transports with high CO² emissions).

The road is well advanced and there’s still a long way to go !

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Circular Economy

Nothing is born nor perishes, but already existing things are combined, and then separate again. Anaxagore

Nowadays most of the produced and used lead worldwide was previously used in other products. As lead is a natural element, the quality of recycled lead is identical to the primary metal extracted from the mine. This is why at LEMER and DEJOIE we only use recycled lead mainly from car batteries. We even go so far as to sell our casting waste to enter into a 100% circular economy system.