Lead presentation

Lead is a metal that has been used for over 2000 years

Lead presentation

Generalities : 

Lead is a metal used for more than 2 000 years. It originates from mines and is extracted mainly in the form of galena (PbS). In 2013 the mining production represents only 45% of the world production. Indeed the sectors of recycling of lead are very efficient.

It is a rather soft, rather poor conductor metal and a good sound-insulating material. Lead is the material of choice in the protection against ionizing sources thanks to its rather big pit, high density and the fact that it is easy to produce.

Used pure, it is water-insoluble but soluble in nitric acid and in hot sulphuric acid.

It is a dangerous material when inhaled or ingested. It can cause diseases filed together under the name of Lead poisoning.



Through this image comes a sound and visual search for shapes, volumes in order to bring out the mineral form of lead, Galena.

On the planet Venus there is talk of the presence of this crystallized metal falling on the heights of certain Venusian volcanoes such as Maat Mons.

 Visuals : Still Snowing on venus, Sophie Keraudren - Hartenberger