Manufacturing process

1 Technical and financial feasibility study

In order to properly advise you and meet your keel and bulb requirements, we carry out a detailed technical and financial feasibility study.
Thanks to our extensive experience, you make real savings on manufacturing costs and installation deadlines.

2 Pattern design

Our 3D High-Speed Machining centre allows us, in record time and using your drawings or 2D (.DWG, .DXF) or 3D (.STP, .IGES) files, to design the patterns required :

  • Polystyrene patterns: low machining cost, but non re-usable.
  • Laminated polystyrene patterns: low machining cost, service life of between 10 and 20 parts.
  • Wood or medium-density fibreboard patterns: higher machining cost, but service life of approximately 50 parts.
  • Resin patterns: low manufacturing cost in certain cases, approximately 50 parts.

3 Choice of mould

Depending on the number of parts to be cast, we use the following moulding techniques :

  • sand moulds for small batches (fewer than 5 parts)
  • concrete moulds for batches of between 8 and 10 parts
  • cast iron moulds for batches of between 10 and 100 parts, or more

4 Moulding and manufacture

We also manufacture all of your fastener inserts (cast or machined), keel cores and bolts, as well as the bolt holes and recesses.

  • Our furnaces have a capacity of 10 tonnes.
  • Our mixers can provide up to 18 tonnes an hour.

Thanks to this equipment, we have pouring capacity of up to 10 tonnes an hour.

5 Machining

Bulbs up to 20 tonnes can be machined in our 3D High-Speed Machining centre or on one of our partners’ premises.

6 Finishing process

The keels are finished in accordance with your wishes: media blasted, primer coated, epoxy coated, painted, ready to be installed.
We also take care of the different mounting and installation phases of the keel blade, right up to the stratification of the whole assembly.

7 Shipping

The keels are custom crated by our Shipping Department : media blasted keels are delivered flat on a pallet, and painted keels are delivered vertically in special cradles.

Thanks to specific agreements with our transporters, we can offer you very competitive shipping costs. The vehicles of some of our transporters can be fitted with an unloading crane.