Quality Safety Environment

Since 2005, LEMER Foundry has established a 450 m² production site entirely dedicated to the manufacture of custom and production keels and bulbs, for all types of sailboats, from the Mini 6.50 to luxury yachts.

Certified production facilities

Our ISO 9001 certified site allows us to manufacture keels and bulbs ranging from 100 kg to 50 tonnes as part of a comprehensive turnkey package, from design to delivery, with the shortest lead time possible.

Environmentally-friendly facilities

Our production site has benefited from € 500,000 of investments designed to limit the impact of the facilities on the environment. Measures include a filtration system for atmospheric emissions, the leakproofing of the site, the installation of extinguishing water retention basins, etc.
We also carry out enhanced environmental surveillance of our installations through :

  • environmental surveillance (using Owen gauges)
  • monitoring air quality (atmospheric emissions)
  • monitoring water quality (ground water and rain water)
  • monitoring waste

“Worker-friendly” facilities

  • Continuous improvement of working conditions (risk analysis, HSE)
  • Medical supervision of workers’ exposure to lead (lead content of the blood, occupational exposure limit values)

Opposite, an Owen gauge collects dust and rain water over several weeks for analysis our accomplishments